Thank you for being a member of Motion!

However, make sure you are fully taking advantage of credit union membership here at Motion. What does that mean? Well at a minimum you should have a share draft account (checking account) and a debit card to access it anytime and anywhere. Next apply for our low rate POWER VISA credit card. These essentials allow you to gain the significant savings that both products offer compared to the competition! These are the no-brainers of Motion membership.

Add e-statements, register for Home Banking, Download our Mobile App and now you have created your own virtual Motion branch that you can use anytime and anywhere you go. Then monitor our website for specials, and access to a full array of financial products and services to meet any financial need you have.

As if all that is not enough, check our Motion Perks and all of the discounts and bonuses just for being a member! When at a branch, buy a special bank from our very own Motion Shoppe!

In 2022, take FULL advantage of your membership at Motion!