Schedule of Fees

Share Draft (checking) and Share Account (savings) Services

Share Draft and Share Account Services Fee
Deposited Item Returned $25.00
Early Withdrawal from scheduled club accounts $15.00
Foreign Collection Item $35.00
Non-sufficient funds $30.00
Overdraft Fee 1 $30.00
Overdraft Transfer 2 $4.00
Physical Draft / Statement copies $5.00
Redeposited Item Returned $20.00
Returned Items $30.00
Return Item Cashiering $25.00
Stop Payment Fee 3 $20.00 / $25.00
IRA Trustee to Trustee Transfer Fee $50.00

ATM and Debit Card Services

ATM and Debit Card Services Fee
ATM Withdrawal/Transfer Fee $1.00 in excess of eight (8) per month
Reissue Debit Card $7.00
Reissue Debit Card PIN $2.00
Rush Card Fee $35.00

EFT Services*

EFT Services* Fee
Incoming Domestic Wires No Charge
Outgoing Domestic Wires $20.00
Incoming International Wire No Charge
Outgoing International Wire $50.00
International Wire Cancellation Fee $60.00

Miscellaneous Charges

Miscellaneous Charges Fee
Official Check $5.00
Escheatment Processing Fee $45.00
Inactive Account Fee 4 $5.00 per month
Legal Process $50.00
Levy / Collection Item $35.00
Money Orders $1.50
Notary Service No Charge
Research Per Hour $25.00
Visa Gift Card $3.95
Visa TravelMoney Reloadable Travel Card $4.95
Returned Mail / Bad Address $5.00 per month
FedEx Mail/Shipping / Overnight Rush Delivery $20.00 / $30.00
Extension Agreement Fee $25.00
Mortgage Cancellation $25.00 plus County cost
Subordination Fee $100.00
Convenience / Processing Payment Fee $10.00
Paper Statement Fee $2.00 per month

Fees subject to change

*Limitations Reserved By Motion Federal Credit Union

1. Includes but is not limited to Share Drafts, ACH and ATM withdrawals.

2. Maximum of six (6) debits per month from a share or money market account. Debits exceeding 6 will be charged a fee equal to the current Non-sufficient Funds fee. Repeated excess transfers will result in loss of overdraft privileges.

3. Includes but not limited to Share Drafts and Certified Bank Checks. Special processing fee on Money Orders and Cashier’s Checks apply.

4. Charges begin after 12 consecutive months of inactivity.