Share/Stock Secured Loans

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Share/Stock Secured Loans in Motion

Did you know that Motion offers loans that you can secure with shares in your Motion savings account. Our Share Secured Loans are very much like traditional loans, except you receive a lower interest rate by securing the loan with funds that are in your Motion Share Savings account. Although the funds are ‘frozen’ in your savings account, they continue to earn interest. As the balance on your loan decreases, the amount of your savings funds increase. Borrow at a great rate and flexible terms. Start saving and apply for your loan without delay.

Apply online or by calling: 908.862.6966 and listen to the prompts.

1 Rates are determined by your personal credit history and payment method, so your rate may differ.
APR = Annual Percentage Rate.
Rates subject to change at any time. Other restrictions & details may apply.

2 Rates include 0.25% reduction for automatic payments made from your Motion account.

Product Years Rates as low as Terms
Share Secured Up to 2 4.25% 100% Savings
Share Secured Up to 3 5.00% 100% Savings
Share Secured Up to 4 5.25% 100% Savings
Share Secured Up to 5 6.00% 100% Savings
Share Secured Up to 6 N/A 100% Savings
Share Secured Up to 7 N/A 100% Savings
Stock Secured 7.00%

Please complete the Personal Loan application when applying for a Share Secured Loan.