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June 16, 2024
Motion Federal Credit Union

About Motion


As the oldest federally chartered credit union in New Jersey and the fourteenth oldest federally chartered credit union in the country, Motion is a not-for-profit, member-owned, volunteer-directed financial cooperative, that provides sound, customized banking solutions for member/owners and their families. Our long proud history and loyal membership provides a solid foundation to support an exciting future! As a financial cooperative, our members are both members and owners. Motion’s purpose is to assist our member/owners with better cash flow management through lower loan rates enabling them to reduce debt faster and start saving sooner. Profits are returned to them through lower loan rates, higher savings rates, lower fees and or no fees. This is what makes Motion different from a bank.

“Managing Your Money” is the simplest way to explain how Motion Federal Credit Union can be a big part of your life. Our flexible programs, personalized service and ease of banking all contribute to good money management and our desire to help. Our mission is to help you save by refinancing high interest loans with our low rates, get out of debt, save, and become a lender yourself!

Motion offers a complete line of financial products and services, all to fit member/owners financial needs. We are in the business of moving dreams forward for our member/owners at any stage of life. We help to make it easier for members to borrow, save, and spend wisely.

Motion is trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies such as ExxonMobil, Phillips66 and DuPont to deliver financial services to their employees through credit union membership and you can too. Join us today!

Motion’s Main Number: 908.862.6966 (MYMO)

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